Cerrajero Vallejo

Hello here you will find our different types of openings such as opening a door of the model that is to leave the keys inside the house, open any door with keys inside causing the least necessary damages at an economic price, honest and economic zone company, I am a direct company to the client without intermediary personnel, we want to remember that if we can offer a better price and a more direct service with the client

Mijas locksmith makes door openings with broken or locked locks

Company dedicated for years to perform this type of work, Open doors for locked or broken locks is a job that requires experience and tools necessary to perform a perfect job and fast with cheap prices, The doors may be blocked for the reason of be manipulated by attempted robbery or because they suffer wear and tear and are broken, it is important that no one with no experience manipulates the door as it can increase the repair costs, when we see a blocked door we will know how to give a quick and effective solution open and repair only the necessary part and thus save money in the repair.

Opening of vehicles

Open vehicles in the town of mijas locksmith vallejo at the best price and without breaking the glass will not be necessary, open your car quickly and economically, using the latest technologies that open your car and do no harm to your lock and you can continue using your vehicle as if nothing happened, Open your car in Mijas is no longer a problem because we have tools to open without causing damage

Open your safe in mijas or cala de mijas

Open your safe by an expert locksmith and at the best price per person with experience, we will give you a quote of the price before doing the work, as long as you have a safe and you can not open a call to Mijas Vallejo locksmith who works the area with years of Experian attending many years in this area, safes basic security, safe fences Mijas locksmith, high security safes all of them could ask in our company with openings and repair, either open by losing the keys or break a lock, even for forgetting the digital code