Cerrajero Vallejo

Locksmith in Mijas has a wide variety of different openings throughout Mijas and surroundings.

Opening of armored door in Mijas: the keys are left behind and does not open with another key, a situation a bit uncomfortable for the client but with an easy solution without damage and normally he will have his door open very quickly so that he can continue his life quietly .

Opening of armored door in Mijas: you lost the keys or your lock got hard and it does not turn, it is an awkward moment for the person who happens to you but I trusted in locksmith Mijas Vallejo in which he tried by all means to make a fast, economic service and professional for you

Opening a car door in Mijas: you lost the keys to your car or stayed inside it and closed it, well you will not have to break the glass and then take it to the workshop to have it repaired as this could be a nuisance for you when you need it to go to work, because I have good news for you in which if you only need to open the car and take the keys inside, we open a wide variety of cars and minivans in Mijas and surroundings at once, or you also lost the keys and you do not have more? Do not worry, we'll see what car model it is and we'll open it and proceed to inform you how to proceed to obtain your new keys.

Opening an interior door of your home in Mijas: as usual and people do not usually know this type of services is that they break the locks of doors inside the home in Mijas as the bedroom, bathroom even the kitchen can even leave a person inside if you can leave it, well I am used to these problems that are usually given the agenda in which if you happen to a case without you just have to call me and I will assist you as soon as possible to get out of that situation.

Opening of a safe in Mijas: we have been in this trade for years and thanks to it we can say that we do not resist any safe normally and we carry out its opening in whatever way it is in a professional manner for its future repair and other times with other types of openings when you do not want to repair it.

Opening of a storage room in Mijas: given the times that we are presented with this type of service we offer you high security bulbs for the storage rooms and that it is not so easy to open them because sometimes we can store things in them value, in which if you arrive at your storage room in Mijas and can not open it, call me and it will be a matter of time when you will have the problem solved.

Opening a mailbox in Mijas: because the opening of the mailboxes in itself is not usually a great difficulty for me since I am used to it and open it in the most appropriate way for it if doing damage to it, in which we will proceed after the opening to install new keys, is there where maybe if we can take something more but rarely happens in which given the high number of manufacturers of mailboxes that each has its key model.