Cerrajero Vallejo


The difference is obvious: we compare doors made of wood reinforced with metal plates to doors made of iron or metal whole decorated with wood, that's the difference.

Armored door in Mijas: the frame and the pre-frame of the doors are made of steel, these doors are made entirely of steel tubes and plates in which it is worth noting that the wood is only for decoration and visually more beautiful.

Armored door in Mijas: it incorporates inside a metal sheet or two in the inner part of the door although that can vary depending on the manufacturer, in which the rest of the door as a frame, pre frame and door itself is made of wood in that high security locks can be installed on both doors.

Locksmith in Mijas hopes that my brief explanation will help you and if you need to install or repair your armored or armored door in Benalmádena, call me without problems.

You do not know whether to install armored or armored: from my point of view I like more the armored to be whole metal is supposed to be more difficult to force although that is a decision that has to take the customer, I just I give my opinion, you should normally take a previous view of your home because logically an armored can weigh more and depending on the structure of your wall may need to reinforce the surroundings where the fence gate be installed to support the weight Of the same.