• Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
  • Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella
Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella


Sale and repair of locks, bowlers, etc.

Locksmith in mijas

Locksmith cala mijas locksmith I open your door at the best price for whatever reason I am ready to open it at a good price, fast and cheap.

keys inside the house or in the business

do not worry about leaving the keys inside, locksmiths Mijas Costa or town open your door without unnecessary breaks and at the best price, vehicles designed with tools to do a good job at a good price, years of experience working as a locksmith in the cove of mijas and opening all kinds of models of doors for whatever reason, call me or send me a message to request a service and we will be quickly as far as I can in your home

You leave the house and you find yourself in a situation where a family member or even you leave the keys behind and the door is normal or high security, no problem. Mijas bay locksmith Antonio opens the door without unnecessary breakages at the best price of the area.

High security locks with anti-bumping protection for the door of your house or home

We have the best locks for your home or business in Mijas, install locks that will give you a better security and a more peaceful life knowing that you are more secure and will have a better protection against the attempt of a theft, more difficult to open, more difficult to break to open your door, very important to have a good lock today so they do not enter your house easily, locksmiths Mijas works with a variety of high security locks from very affordable prices to models of very high quality and safety high, ask for a message and we will give you a good price to improve your security

Change of locks in the cove of Mijas

Do you need to change keys in your home or business in this locality? Do not hesitate anymore in what company to look for, here you have the option to ask for the lock you need with a closed price with installation included as long as you send us pictures of the door to give you the budget of the lock you need without any commitment, if your door is armored and you are afraid of the price of repair you do not lose anything in asking me what it costs already if possibly we can reach an understanding and I adjust to your budget as much as possible, do not fear for prices of changes of high locks since we are change company of direct locks to the client without intermediaries, changing a lock was never as easy as with locksmith cala de Mijas locksmith Antonio ruiz

Increase the security of your door in your Mijas home

I am an experienced locksmith with years of experience in the area improving day to day the safety of my clients that if they want it, not because installing a high security lock has to be excessively expensive since in my locksmith shop in Mijas we have the best rates with reduced prices for if you can offer the best price at the best price to my client, and you can increase security in different ways, improving the system you have by replacing it with one in the same place but reinforced and improved against an attack Forcing, it is not mandatory to have a second lock to improve security depending on the type of installation you have sometimes is necessary and sometimes not.

Open safes in Cala de Mijas Mijas costa

Do you need a locksmith that does not destroy the security safe and does not charge you more for a job of opening and repairing a household or commercial safe in this town of Mijas? I guarantee that you are on a website of one of the most honest companies in the area for this type of work, a family and economic company working in the area for this type of service, improving day by day to offer the opening or repair of a safe in the cove of Mijas in question of advice in minutes normally, you forgot the key of your safe and can not open it Locksmith Antonio of the cove of Mijas is your solution of safes to open them for forgetting password even for failures in the key and not being able to open, today we know the importance of not being able to open a safe, because they always break down at the wrong time, for example when we go on a trip and there are only a few minutes left for our departure and Things like that, because of that and because we want to be your locksmith we value the time of our clients attending this type of problems in the shortest time possible and at the best price.

Openings of vehicles and vans

locksmith service of vehicles and vans with openings without unnecessary breakages, do not break the glass or break your vehicle without first asking us the price rate for this type of work, ask nothing cost and you can improve the day whenever you need a locksmith in the bay of Mijas for this type of work, do not forget to ask is free and you can save time and headaches with the opening of your vehicle.

Cerrajero Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella

Our services of locksmith in Mijas offers you:

Opening of vehicles: Audi, Mercedes, Bmw, Skoda, Fiat, Renault, Citroen and many more.

Open safes: we are prepared to open your safe either by mistake or forget the password.

Repair of windows, or forced gates.

Changes of keys.

Cambios de cerraduras.

Installation of second locks.

Security increases in your doors and windows.

Equalization of keys to only have a key for all the doors.

Installation of springs closes doors.

Quality bowls for urbanization portals

Escudos de protección para cerraduras.

High security bowlers (with reinforced anti-extraction and maximum safety anti-picks)